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How Do I Complete A COE And Submit It To The VA?

Foundation Mortgage as an Approved VA Correspondent Lender can help expedite the processing of your COE and assist you in fully explaining your Eligibility Benefits.

Our VA Home Loan Specialists can help you gather the proper documentation, complete the COE properly, and navigate any hiccups with the VA in the processing of your COE.

Step 1:  Gather the Information Required as Shown on our VA Loan Eligibility Requirements Table

Step 2:  Complete your Certificate of Eligibility (COE) Form

Step 3:  Submit the COE to the VA

Our VA Loan Specialists will assist you with this process.

Step 4:  Review your VA Loan Guarantee Benefit to Determine the Maximum Loan Amount you are Eligible for

Note: sometimes there are inaccuracies in the reinstatement of benefit if you have previously used your VA guarantee to purchase a home in the past.

Foundation Mortgage can assist in updating/correcting this is necessary.

Step 5:  Review your Income/Assets/Credit Qualifying Information with a Foundation Mortgage VA Loan specialist to see what the Best Options are for your Scenario